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Drink lots of fluids
« : May 02, 2017, 10:49:44 PM »
Remember to always drink lots of fluids. Orange juice, milk, tea, fruit juice. If you can't do that get some packets of Koolaid and make Koolaid. Anything to make it so you drink lots of fluids. Dehydration is one of the easiest things to slip in to. You should drink at least 32oz of fluid a day. Today I drank six 16oz glasses of iced tea or 96oz of fluids. Then when I got home I drank another 16oz of fluid (more iced tea). Now off to bed. :-)

I did NOT do my bicycling today because I had to walk so much yesterday. My legs have been aching all day but now they are feeling a lot better. Still, when I tried to crouch down to put cat food in their bowls I almost collapsed. I started picking the bowls up to put food in them.  Not good. Hopefully doing better tomorrow.

Busy day tomorrow. Have to mail off court papers. Have to take new truck to be inspected. Probably going to be bad news but have to do it. Then off to chiropractor and massage therapy.

They couldn't install the new dishwasher. Old dishwasher is hard wired to house. Have an electrician friend who is going to help me get it fixed. Then I will have a new dishwasher to wash my dishes. :-)